Did you know incidents involving people walking into poles has increased year-over-year for the past 10 years. Do you know why? – Mobile Devices. (Anonymous Source, 2016)

How many times have you caught yourself criticizing someone using their phone? “When is he/she going to get off the phone and… (you can fill-in the blank here: drive, order, move up in line, etc.).” It’s a thing.

Mobile has influenced even our lexicon with words like sexting, selfies and Nomophobia –  one’s fear of being out of mobile contact. These new terms have a foundation in the proliferation of mobile devices.

What are we getting at?

It’s simple.  We’re obsessed with our mobile phones.

SMS (text messaging) has become what email was 15 years ago. SMS is now the #1 communication tool in the U.S and the digital marketer’s secret weapon because not many clients are using it properly.

All of this has a huge affect on digital marketing. Don’t kid yourself.

Digital marketers can impress you with statistics like:

Americans are spending on average of 4.7 hours a day on their smart phones – texting, talking, browsing and probably doing a lot of things you don’t want to know about or see. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that Millennials are the largest culprits.

The average Canadian sends 3,200 text messages a month. But what’s most amazing is not only the shear volume of sent text, but the open rate – nearly 90% of messages are opened within the first 5 minutes. Pause.

Email has something like a 25-35% open rate in 5 days of receipt.

One of the greatest features of SMS is the fact that there are no spam filters. You know how easy it is to lose an email in some random folder in your inbox. It’s annoying sometimes both as a marketer, email sender and recipient. How many times have you had to call someone or a business, following-up on an email only to find that it’s in the spam folder. Grrrrr.

This doesn’t happen with SMS. You can send it unscathed straight to someone’s phone, watch them receive the message and walk into a pole. Just make sure you have your own phone out to capture the amazing footage and upload it to youtube, so the rest of us can watch it on our smart phones.

Joking aside, here’s our advice:

Spend more of your time and money researching and targeting Millennials on their mobile using SMS. Trust us, it works.

Using mobile, we were able to build a database of more than 1 million consumer leads in less than six months, majority of which were millennials. 90% of our communications were done through SMS.

Mobile phones create a positive reinforcing cycle – it provides positive events like messages from your family, friends, sports updates, gossip – you name it. This leads to people pulling out their phone more and more to access things that make them happy.
Maybe it’s time for you to send the discounts and messages your customers want straight to their phones via SMS.  There’s a really good chance they’ll receive it and be happy.