It’s mid-April already. Birds are chirping and spring’s blooms can’t wait to surface. We know of another thing that can’t wait to surface. $500 right out of your wallet! How can you get $500 to sprout right out of your wallet? SHARE and WIN. Win the Grand Prize of $500 or win one of 20 $20 gift cards to select RAANGE merchants. It’s like a spring bouquet of winnings!

Like the birds or insects that carry pollen to spread the seeds of flowers and weeds, spread the knowledge about this cool contest and see what happens. The more people that register because of your shares, the more ballots you’ll get. It’s almost like watering your wallet to see what grows out of it. Maybe $500 will grow out of it!

Okay, enough spring analogies and metaphors. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Daydream that $500 did, in fact, sprout out of your wallet. Let us know where you would shop and what you would buy, using the contest hashtag. Share with us #WhatYouWant on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you’ll get 1 additional ballot. Remember, every week we’ll share some of your shopping daydreams with the RAANGE Community in our weekly contest email.
  1. Plant the seed and share this contest with everybody! Share the link below and receive 1 ballot for each new registration that results from your share.

Follow us for contest updates and access to great deals from some of your favorite retailers.

Two weeks left to bring on the spring thaw with all your shares. Contest ends April 30th!