A pumpkin in front of a house.

A goblin, a witch and a pirate each hauling their respective sac, walk up a path to a front door.

Ding Dong.

Out comes candy and the haul continues.

And so does the Halloween tradition…

But traditions evolve and so has this one.

Oh, the candy-covered-kid-costumed part of Halloween is still alive and well, but lo and behold – adults have invaded the holiday!

No longer is Halloween just for kids. Adults are seeing the benefits of celebrating a holiday that requires no cooking of a feast, no beyond-budget decorations as dollar-store bits will suffice, and you can dress up as anything you want. – not to mention the offbeat adult treats. The sky is the limit here.

Let’s address some fun and really cool yummies that you can use to haunt your next Adult Halloween party.

Starting and ending with hors d’oeuvres – no sit-down meal here. You want to be able to mingle and sample as the ghastly evening creeps into the night.

Popular this year on the party table, are scary savories like spinach ricotta skulls (www.marthastewart.com/314476/spinach-ricotta-skulls) and breadstick mummy dogs. (Halloween Mummy Dogs | Tasty Kitchen: A Happy Recipe …)Monster mucus looks gross, but if you love oysters, you’ll screech with delight at this tantalizing appetizer.(www.marthastewart.com/338949/monster-mucus)

Create your own Halloween-themed delights by using foods that are dark, oddly textured or black and orange.

Try smoked salmon and carrot stick sushi for the black and orange effect or a cheese plate with wrinkly dark figs, mimolette and orange cheddar cheese accompanied with pumpernickel crisps or any dark bread.

For a sweet treat, witches finger cookies are all the rage and brain cupcakes can be easily made with a standard piping tool and whitish icing. Feel free to add red food colouring for a nice bloody brain effect.

As this is an adult party we’re talking about, go ahead and get freakish on the drinks. Try your hand at some sort of Swamp Sangria, a Bloody Bloody Mary or a nice Pina Ghoulada.  Round out the party with an eerie, spine-chilling photo booth made with black dollar-store tablecloths and stringy spiderwebs to let your guests go crazy and capture the evening so it can haunt them later.

With all this ‘groan-up’ Halloween fun, it begs the question – Has this adult intrusion on what was once only a kid holiday, proven that we are really just kids on the inside?

I think so.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Raange.