Greetings Developer!

At RAANGE, our employees don’t just look at consumer needs, economic trends and then create products that meet these needs and follow these trends. Yawn. We are downright obsessed with creative thinking and seize every opportunity to create killer products that keep our customers coming back to see what more we can do for them.
If your niche is everything from UI, DB, Web-Services, we offer one-of-a-kind technical challenges that will keep your creative juices flowing. Push the envelope on creativity…Be that kind of software engineer.

Do you want to be the candidate that we’re looking for? Here’s what we want:
You have experience with PHP, Python, and JavaScript.
Comfortable with relational data modeling and SQL.
You are familiar with software development processes.
Experience with enterprise software systems is also a major plus.
You meet tough technical challenges head on.
You just plain love to learn and love to share what you’ve learned.
You like us.

Hone your skills, carve your path and ultimately make your mark in the world! Let RAANGE be the catapult to your legacy. Sounds like an overstatement? Well, when the future of communication technology is as wide open as it is, there is no overstatement. We think big at RAANGE.

All the best, your fellow RAANGErs.

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